Genus Aphelenchoides
Fischer, 1894
Photo Gallery-Haughton Crater

Diagnosis: Aphelenchoididae. Lip region continuous or slightly set off.  Lateral fields usually with 4 incisures.  Spear slender, with or without weak knobs.  Median bulb spheroid, usually about as wide as neck cavity.  Basal part of esophagus extended back in a long lobe. Hemizonid posterior to excretory pore.  Ovary outstretched. Posterior uterine branch usually present.  Males without bursa or gubernaculum. Terminus bluntly rounded, often bearing a mucro. Phasmids usually obscure, located near terminus.

Type species: Aphelenchoides kuehnii  Fischer, 1894.

(Description- Thorne and Malek, 1968)

Species found:    at:
A. besseyi Konza Prairie, 9-Mile Prairie
A. bicaudatus Konza Prairie
A. centralis Haughton Crater
A. clarus Konza Prairie ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
A. confusus Konza Prairie
A. dactylocercus  Konza Prairie
A. obtusus Konza Prairie
A. parietinus Konza Prairie
A. pusillus Long's Peak
A. sacchari Konza Prairie, 9-Mile Prairie
A. vigor Konza Prairie

Species List (from Ebsary, 1991)