Genus Aphanolaimus
de Man, 1880

Definition: Halaphanolaiminae.  Cuticle with rather coarse transverse striae.  Lateral fields present.  Head end not offset and without lips or papillae, but furnished with bristles.  Amphid opening very large and circular, occupying almost entire width of body.  Mouth cavity practically invisible.  Oesophagus almost cylindrical and without terminal muscular swelling.  Female gonads paired, opposed.  Male spicules paired and gubernaculum present, testes paired, apre-anal row of mid-ventral tubular supplements present.  Tail with caudal glands opening at tip at a terminal duct.  Subventral pre- and post-anal papillae also present on male tail.

Type Species:  Aphanolaimus attentus de Man, 1880

-Goodey, 1963