Genus Aphasmatylenchus
Sher, 1963

Hoplolaiminae. Female: Body vermiform, circle to C-shaped. Labial regiod slightly offset from body, annulated, but without longitudinal striae. First labial annulus divided into six equal sectors, elongate amphid apertures (SEM). Lateral field with four lines. Phasmids absent. Cephalids and caudalid not described. Tail 1.5 to 2 body diameters long, more curved dorsally with rounded end. Stylet and labial framework well developed. DGO about 8 um from stylet base. Median bulb rounded. Glands overlap the intestine ventrally and laterally. Two genital branches equally developed. Epiptygma and vulval flap not described. Male: Slight secondary sexual dimorphism seen in the smaller anterior end. Tail conoid, elongate, with a hyaline end. Caudal alae enveloping tail end. Gugernaculum with titillate. 

  • Aphasmatylenchus nigeriensis
  • Aphasmatylenchus straturatus
  • Aphasmatylenchus variabilis