Genus Aorolaimus
Sher, 1963
Photo Gallery- Jumbo Valley Fen
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

Hoplolaiminae. Female: Body spiral to C- shaped, medium sized. Lip region slightly offset or continuous with body, with or without annuli and/or longitudinal straie. Lateral field with four or less incisures. Labial framework and stylet medium sized; stylet knobs flattened to indented anteriorly. DGO 3-10 um form stylet base. Esophageal glands with three nuclei, overlap intestine dorsally and laterally; intestine symmetrically arranged between the subventral glands. Two genital branches outstretched, equally developed. Tail short, rounded. Phasmids enlarged to scutella erratically situated on body, not opposite each other, anterior to anus level; sometimes one scutellum is anterior to vulva level. Male: Caudal alae enveloping tail, lobed or regular. Secondary sexual dimorphism visible in labial region and esophageal structures smaller in males. 

Species found:          at:
Aorolaimus torpidus 9-Mile Prairie,                          

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