Amphidelus pusillus
Thorne, 1939
Female:  0.7 mm; a = 67; b = 3.7; c = 4.3; V = 39
Body tapering both ways from near middle.  Neck uniformly tapering to the conoid, truncated lip region.  Amphids about one-third head width, their apertures crescentic.  Sensillae not definitely seen but apparently about two-thirds the distance to the nerve ring.  Cephalic papillae exceedingly difficult to see.  Esophagus about one-third neck width at nerve ring and approximately this width throughout the greater portion of its length, only the basal one-seventh enlarged until about half the neck width.  Intestine colorless.  Rectum shorter than anal body diameter.  Only the posterior female sexual branch present.  Tail ventrally arcuate., uniformly tapering to the very small, bluntly conoid terminus which is about one-sixth as wide as the anal body diameter.
(Description- Thorne, 1939)

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
9 Mile 3/17/LP-02 9-Mile Prairie, First Survey