Allodorylaimus uniformis
Andrassy, 1986
Syn.:  Dorylaimus uniformis Thorne, 1929
Eudorylaimus uniformis Andrassy, 1959
Dorylaimus acuticauda apud Steiner, 1916
Photo Gallery- Long's Peak, Colorado

Measurements (from Andrassy, 1986)
L = 2.4 mm; a = 30; b = 4.5; c = 25; V = 49
L = 2.1 mm; a = 29; b = 4.3; c = 31

Description (from Thorne, 1929)
    The uniformly separated supplementary organs of the male distinguish it form practically all other Dorylaims.  The two circlets of cephalic papillae differentiate it from D. alpinus Steiner which has only one circlet.  It may be identical with the form described by Steiner as D. acuticaudatus.  Lips not set off by constriction.  General body characters quite similar to D. carteri.
    Esophagus enlarged in posterior half.  Vulva conspicuous.  Front ovary on the left, the rear on the right, side of the body and reflexed half their length.  The prerectum is about twice as long as the rectum.  The number of male preanal papillae varies from fourteen to eighteen of the specimens examined.
    Numerous specimens in the collection.