Aporcelaimellus krygeri
(Ditlevson, 1928)  Heyns, 1965
Dorylaimus krygeri, Ditlevson, 1928
Eudorylaimus krygeri,  (Ditlevson, 1928) Andrassy, 1959
Aporcelaimus krygeri,  (Ditlevson, 1928) Brzeski, 1962
Photo Gallery-Konza Prairie
Photo Gallery- Forensic Nematology

2.5mm; a = 26; b = 4.9; c = 83; V = 48

Body obese , cylindroid, tapering at extremeties.  Lateral field 1/10 body width, composed of two lines of zig-zag arranged cells. Lip region 1/3 width of neck base.  Spear 25u long, aperture 3/5 its length.  Esophagus tapering very gradually at expansion.  Cardiac disc thin, irregular in thickness.  Cardia conoid. Ovaries reflexed 2/3 distance back to vulva.Eggs about twice as long as wide and somewhat longer than body width.  Males unknown and females did not contain sperms.  Prerectum 11/2 to 2 times body width.   Tail very short, dorsally convex.  Caudal cuticle with very prominent radial striae.
     Aporcelaimellus krygeri obviously is closely related to A. obscurus  from which it differs in somewhat shorter neck, very short, dorsally convex tail, and more massive radial striae of tail.
     Habitat:  Sorghum fields near Forestburg, South Dakota, and Holbrook, Nebraska.

DNA Sequences obtained
Specimen: Collected:
9Mile 3/30 LP2-01 Nine-Mile Prairie, First survey
KonzaI GG-28 Konza Prairie, First survey
KonzaIII AA-93 Konza Prairie, First survey