Genus Acrobeloides
(Cobb, 1924) Thorne, 1937
  Synonyms: Acrobeles (Acrobeloides) Cobb, 1924
Pseudacrobeles Steiner, 1938

Definition:  Acrobelinae.  Labial probolae low rounded, conical or pointed, not furcate.  Cephalic probolae varying from rounded axil borders to distinct lobelike or apiculate plates.  Corpus of oesophagus usually with elongate spindle-like swelling.  Tails convex-conoid (except clavicaudatus) with 9 to 12 annules.  Males very rare.

Type Species:  Acrobeloides butschlii (de Man, 1884) Steiner & Buhrer, 1933
                syn.  Cephalobus buetschlii de Man, 1884
                        C. persegnis of Butcshli, 1873
                      C. (Acrobeles) buetschii de Man, 1884 (de Man, 1921)
                        Acrobeles (Acrobeloides) buetschlii (de Man, 1884) Thorne, 1925
                 nec. Acrobeloides buetschlii of Steiner & Buhrer, 1933
-Goodey, 1963

Species found:    at:
A. apiculatus Konza Prairieddddddddddd
A. butschlii Konza Prairie
A. enoplus Konza Prairie
A. maximus Konza Prairie
A. minor Konza Prairie