Acrobeles elaboratus
Thorne, 1925

14. 16.
.74 mm
3.7 19. 25. 60. 93.3
2.8 5.2 5.9 6.7 4.1
The coarse annules of the cuticle bear rows of minute, refractive dots on each border.  The single wing is of the submerged type with crenate borders like that figured for ornatus. The three paris of cephalic probolae reach to a point mdiway on the labial probolae.  The labial probolae are bifurcate almost two-thirds their length and their slender outer teminal branches are slightly recurved.  The membranes of both cephalic and labial probolae are acute and elongate triangular.  Cutinous points are present in the cephalic sutures at the bases of the labial probolae.  The three posterior sets of pharyngeal plates are usually inconspicuous but on some specimens the dorsal plates appear quite prominent.  There is a distinct median swelling of the esophagus and the cardiac bulb is large and strong.  The ovary is doubly reflexed on the dorsal side of the body.  The tail is irregularly-conoid to the anus.  No males have been seen among about fifty specimens.
Found in the mountains of Utah at elevations of from 10,000 to 12,000 feet.

(Description- Thorne, 1925)