Acrobeles ciliatus
von Linstow, 1877
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie
Genus Comparisons-Cephalobidae
SEM photo
Worm map

The original description and figures of this species are very meagre and actual determination of its identity is probably impossible.  The following emended diagnosis is proposed in order to definitely establish the species.

Diagnosis (emended)- Female:  0.54 mm, a = 15, b = 3.6, y = 11.8, V = 58
Male: 0.53 mm, a = 14, b = 3.6, y = 13, T = 53

Cuticle marked by about 175 coarse striae.  Wing area about one-eighth of body width marked by 2 bright lines.  Lip region expanded.  Both labial and cephalic probolae with elaborate membranes, only half of which are illustrated.  Amphid ovate, much more prominent than the papilla above it.  Dorsal meta-rhabdion somewhat denticulate.  Corpus of esophagus obscurely elongate spindle-shaped, its junction with the isthmus obscure.  Isthmus length about equal to neck width with the nerve ring surrounding its anterior end.  Excretory pore 1 or 2 body-widths anterior to nerve ring.  Female sexual apparatus with distinct spermatheca and typical flexures.  Length of posterior rudimentary ovary slightly greater than body width.  Details of tails as illustrated.

Habitat:  Specimens secured by Dr. T. Goodey from soil collected by Mr. W. E. H. Hodson at Broadmoor, Berks, England.