Tom Powers
Research leader


Tim Harris
Research Technologist 

Lab manager, Molecular identification of nematodes and DNA analysis

Becky Higgins
Research Technologist 

Website creation and maintenance; Scanning electron microscopy; Image manager

Lisa Sutton
Research Technologist

Managaer- Nematode Diagnostic Clinic; Specimen preservation


Angel Ramirez-Suarez
Ph.D. student

Project: Taxonomy and Systematics of Nacobbus aberrans, the false root-knot nematode


T. J. Bliss
M.S. student

Project: Nematode communities from native and managed stands of switchgrass

Peter Mullin
Ph.D. 2004
Byron Adams
Ph.D. 1998
Dezhi David Sui
Ph.D. 1998
Martha Desmond
Ph.D. 1997
Allen Szalanski
Post-doctoral Reseach Associate/
Reseach Assistant Professor 1995-2001
Tim Parsons
Post-doctoral Research Associate 1992-1994
Laurie Sandall
M.S. 1990 
Elizabeth Besal
M.S. 1987
Karen S. Shafer
M.S. 1992
Gary Duncan
Visiting Scientist