A Pictorial Identification Guide to the Suborder Criconematina Siddiqi, 1980
combining images and formal descriptions
With complete body sheath
Hemicycliophora, Hemicriconemoides, Hemicaloosia
Annules with scales, membranous appendages or prominent fringe in adult stages
Bakernema, Ogma, Crossonema

Adult stages with large cephalic disk, offset head, smooth annules and pointed tails; vulva slit-like, closed, often with projections
Adult stage with rounded or blunt tails, conspicuous sublateral lobes and open vulva

Characters of the
Sub-order Criconematina
Siddiqi, 1980
  Adult stage with continuous head, not offset; vulva slit-like, closed with no projections

Adult stage with rounded or blunt tails, without submedian lobes;
vulva with bi-lobed projection
D. inaratus
Adult stage with very long, flexible stylet
Cephalic disk large, separted from body annules by a neck or collar
Costa Rica-
Very coarse, smooth annules, finely crenate with longitudinal scratches; 1-2 cephalic annules, slightly differentiated