Genus Antarctylus
Sher, 1973

Hoplolaiminae. Female: Body vermiform, spiral to C-shaped. Labial region rounded, continuous, annulated; anterior lop annulus not divided into sectors (SEM). Lateral field with four lines. Phasmids small, near anus. Caudalids not described. Tail rather long (2-3 body diameters long), conoid, pointed. Stylet and cephalic framework average sized. DGO about 10 um from stylet base in the only species known in this genus. Median bulb oval/rounded with average sized nalve. Glands overlapping the intestine; the dorsal gland and one subventral glands are shorter than the dorsal one. Esophago-intestinal junction a small triangular structure. Two equally developed genital branches. One or two epitygma present, inconspicuous. Vulval flap not described. Male: Slight secondary sexual dimorphism seen in smaller anterior end. Tail with long hyaline end. Caudal alae said to envelop tail end, but seen stopping just short of tail tip in original figure. Gubernaculum not described; titilae not figured. 

  • Type-species: Antarctylus humus