Genus Amplimerlinius
Siddiqi, 1976


Telotylenchinae. Body medium to large (1 to 2 mm). Labial region continuous with body contour. SEM face view similar to that of Nagelus except that it is more rounded. Lateral field with six lines over most of body. Deirids present, in the six-line area of lateral field. Tail cylindroid with a broadly rounded terminus, with thickened cuticle at distal extremity. Labial framework and stylet robust. Oesophageal glands sometimes overlapping the beginning of the intestine for a short distance. Male spicules without well developed velum, blunt ended. Gubernaculum not protruding from cloaca. 

  • Amplimerlinius amplus 
  • Amplimerlinius caroli 
  • Amplimerlinius clavicaudatus 
  • Amplimerlinius icarus 
  • Amplimerlinius intermedius 
  • Amplimerlinius macrurus 
  • Amplimerlinius omentelus 
  • Amplimerlinius siddiqii 
  • Amplimerlinius socialis 
  • Amplimerlinius umbonatus 

  • Amplimerlinius viciae