Genus Allotylenchus
Andrassy, 1984


 Under 1mm, slender (a= 48-57), almost straight upon relaxation. Cuticle thin, lacking striation. Lateral field with a single ridge, 2-2.5 um wide in type-species. Cephalic region high, offset, round; amphidial apertures longitudinal slits; framework weak. Stylet weak, knobbed, 12-13 um long in type-species. Orifice of dorsal gland close to stylet base. Median bulb muscular, valvate. Basal bulb offset form intestine. Excretory pore large; duct wide, heavily sclerotized. Vulva with lateral membranes. Postvulval uterine sac short. Spermatheca small. Ovary outstretched: Tail elongate-filiform, 210-246 um long in type-species. Bursa adanal, smooth, with symmetrical alae. Spicules 17-19 um long in type-species. Gubernaculum fixed. 

 Type-species: Allotylenchus excretorius Andrassy, 1984 

 (Description-   Siddiqi, 1986)