Genus Afenestrata
Baldwin and Bell,1985

Females. Cyst stage present. Body globose, with very short and thin neck, and pronounced terminal cone with hypertrophied vulval lips. Cuticle thin and irregularly annulated on neck; thick, with superficial lace-like pattern on rest of body; D-layer absent. No subcrystalline layer. Vulva terminal; vulval slit deeply sunken between vulval lips; fenestration, bullae, underbridge absent. Anus subterminal, on posterior side of cone. 

Males. Body twisted. Lateral field with four lines. Spicules terminal, posteriorly directed, straight, distal extremity pointed; cloacal tubus well developed. No phasmids. No tail. 

Juveniles. Stylet 20 um. Lateral field with four lines. Oesophageal glands filling body cavity. Tail conical, pointed, with hyaline terminal portion half its length. Phasmids punctiform. 
(Description- R.Fortuner, Geraert, Luc, Maggenti, and Raski, 1987-1988)