Genus Acontylus

Female: Body straight to slightly ventrally arcuate, swollen in the vulval area. Labial region high, slightly offset, trapezoid in lateral outline. Lateral field with four lines. Phasmids at anus level. Cephalids and caudalid not described. Tail short, hemispherical. Labial framework and stylet well developed. Stylet knobs slopping backwards in the only known species. DGO 13 um from stylet base. Median bulb strong, rounded. Anterior genital branch outstretched. Posterior branch reduced to a PUS. Epiptygma and vulval flap not described. 
Male: Vermiform. Labial region knob-like, high, rounded, distinctly offset. Stylet, labial framework and esophagus reduced in size. Caudal alae enveloping tail. 
Juveniles: Tail rounded with a long terminal projection. 
(Description- Fortuner, Geraert, Luc, Maggenti, and Raski, 1987-1988)